PeeBaby came to us simply as ‘Baby’, but he has a penchant for peeing on just about anything and everything, so his name was amended, as well as moving to the outside group.

PB came to use when our dear, dear friend Maxine Jewett ‘crossed the bridge’. Max was a true cat lover.

She was also very instrumental in the establishment and proliferation of the ‘acoustic’/folk music community of Phoenix.

More on Max at another time, in a post just about her.

PB gets along well, MOST of the time. He always acts as if he hadn’t eaten to HOURS while there is ALWAYS food out. And he licks from the canned stuff a little and then goes and tries someone else’s dish!

He is quite friendly, and will suddenly, without delicacy, land on my lap, push himself, and my arms, around, paws on the computer and keyboard, for a few moments, and finally snuggle I and sleep.

When I just need to reach for something, he jumps up and away. And when I want to stand up, he doesn’t let go!

I would guess age to be eight to ten.


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