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Kaptain’s Blog February 9, 2020

Patty was officially ‘membered’ at the church at which she sings in the choir and accompanies on her flute.

I was a few minutes late, and sat in a second-to-rear pew.

I didn’t hear a lot of the service. One day I will address that. But not today.

I leaned over the pew arm, and wondered what ever happened to that excited little boy who would walk in late, after service had stared, and to the center aisle and then down to the front row to take a seat. Or a stand if they were standing.

And I reflected.

I believe in a ‘God’ that I cannot begin to define.

It is not separate from me.

I pray. I need to watch to see how they are answered. Sometimes my prayers are for things that are of no consequence or concern to me.

God didn’t create me. But he was part and party to my coming into existence. I was born. But I WAS born with a God inside me that would emerge and grow. And it would flourish with what nourished it.

Not unlike the two wolves in First Nations lore.

‘NO RELIGION gonna’ bring ME to my knees!!!’*

But I will stop, stand, or fall to prey. Sometimes for life. Sometimes for death. Sometimes for change, and sometimes for mercy.

I pray for the repercussions of my inadequacies.

Today I pray for my missing friend Jaguar. I know you’d be here if you could. I hope you are at peace where ever you are. Know that you’ve been loved, my companion and confidante.

Consumed today with emotion.

Photo via Eb Eberlein and Facebook
*Apologies to Michael David Tyson


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