And the fur still flies

And the fur still flies...

Cumulus is an ongoing ordeal with periodic exams and updates to stay on prednisolone, the feline formula of prednisone for some issues with his teeth. We have had blood work done, and he is ready to undergo anesthesia and dental surgery, and the probable removal of several teeth. (Been there.)

His believed to be brother is final getting some much-needed attention. He has been EXTREMELY matted for some time, but we didn’t want to shear him going into or during winter.

He made it through the exam, rabies inoculation, and blood and urine tests. We were set up for the grooming, and I had him in a carrier, and set it on the sloped hood of the car for a moment, and he worked it off, it popped open, and he was ‘in the wind’ a couple days.

He has been recaptured, and the second visit to the groomer had us bringing him home with a HUGE SOLID MATTE hanging off! He would not stay still and there was no one on the hospital side to sedate.

The earliest available sedate and groom was a week out, and we wanted a re-exam after the mattes were gone. Since he did have an elevated white cell count, we took the vet’s suggestion for antibiotics. We decided to try oral. That didn’t work.

We set an appointment for a shot. The tech came out and offered that if we wanted they could sedate him and finish the grooming. I almost broke the 6’ limit to hug her and said emphatically YES.

He is home, trimmed, eating much better, and being kept inside so far. HE also needs dental work! Perhaps we should see about doing both at once.

I don’t believe he has encountered his brother, Cumulus yet.

We have a 2ftx4ft x 42” high covered pen to put him in INSIDE the house for a while. He seems to prefer to use his litter box as a bed rather than a toilet.

We intend to move him into Sweetie’s 4’x6’x5’ high ‘walk-in condo’ anon.

His spirits seem to be well. He is interested in finding out where he is, and enjoys when I pet him and rub his chin. I still need to pick him up, but he will spend a short time on my lap. He must be pushing 9, and this is his first time inside.

Fingers crossed.

The Business End…

First ‘quarter’ results are tallied. As previous undocumented estimates reveal, we did just short of $500 a month with our local PetsMart stores, mostly at Christown (Spectrum) mall and The Colonnade branches.

And an order from to round out the suppliers list.

For a detailed breakdown of purchases, please visit:

Patty has picked up some Sheba from grocery stores, I believe.

Nimbus is pushing $500 for exam, rabies inoculation, and blood and urine lab work, shearing and antibiotic shot. For the MOST part, he is healthy. A slightly elevated white blood cell count.

From previous accounts, I imagine the dental work can easily run $700 to $1000 a cat. Our regular vet is not doing those procedures at the current time. She gave us a ‘bulk price’ after so many teeth. I don’t know that the hospital will do the same.
We miss our Jaguarrrrr. He has been a VERY socialized alley transplant for several years. INSISTED in head boops! He seemed healthy enough, and suddenly, a couple weeks ago, just didn’t show up for dinner. And still hasn’t.

Though our fund raiser in January did serve us well, we do once again find ourselves in a position where some financial assistance would be of great help.

Donations can be done via check/USPS or Paypal, to the e-address:

For more information on donations and cat-ributions, please visit:

Thank you for your interest and support.

'The Staff'


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