'In these uncertain times'

I keep hearing the term ‘in these uncertain times’…

My question: When were they EVER ‘certain’?

The U.S.A. has been at war someplace nearly non-stop since its inception.

Nuclear disasters are waiting to happen around the globe. Let alone atomic weapons at the ready around the world. These have been ‘certain’?

Terrorism, and the planet afire had us ‘uncertain’ before the plague.

Was the Cold War ‘certain’? The Prohibition era? The Depression? The two WWs? ‘Antebellum’ and the wedge between ‘North and South’?

The history of humanity is one ‘uncertain era’ after another.

All of our existence has been as certain as, as, as a Fiddler On The Roof’!

And, IMHO, one is kidding themselves to believe otherwise. Each generation works to levy up the flimsy foundation discovered by the one before.

Our greatest ‘certainty’ is that ‘the only thing constant is change’.

‘Times’ will be ‘certain’ when man’kind’ is certain.

Good luck with that. There will ALWAYS be SOMETHING is question!


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