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This is aimed more to those rescuers, adopters, and free-roaming colony feeders.

Do you feel that what you do is ‘enough’? When you are at the gate, and Saint Peter asks, ‘What did you do with your life (as if he didn’t already know)?’ And you reply ‘I provided food and shelter to homeless cats’, will he simple allow you entry, or will he celebrate your arrival for what you have been?

We know what we do matters. To the cats.

Does it matter to the community? TNR works, but it makes such a subtle difference and change, that most won’t even notice the sudden lack of newborn kittens in their carports and alleys.

I am 67, ‘retired’ and disabled. I can and do drive, but we only have one car that the Mrs. usually takes to work. Ergo, I am pretty much housebound. The ‘quarantine’ is nothing new to me.

We have, I believe now, 26 cats. A dozen or so ‘inside only, 7 in a ‘chat-i-eau’, and 8 or so on the property.

I tend to all the outside needs. Dry food 24/7 in dishes, fresh water in several bowls, canned treats morning and evening, and 5 litter boxes in the enclosure.

I keep the dry food and water in dishes inside full, and sift the 11 litter boxes inside. Patty provides canned treats to them AM and PM, including a dose of medicine in the food for one of them.

Outside of cats, I take pictures, and do graphic design, mostly making memes anymore.

Most of my pics are our cats. And most on the images for my memes come from FB. I just add some words. Sometimes deep, sometimes humorous.

And I feel like, ‘So what!’

I’ve two FB presences, one with just over 100 and one with 80something friends.

And I hear consistently from about half a dozen of them. I am grateful for that audience that acknowledges my efforts. It takes me an average of 45 minutes to compose a meme once I have the pic determined, and some text to go with it.

We got into this as somewhat of a ‘PTSD’, when I had a sudden change in the concept of ‘homeless’ as I watched my house catch fire. I was homeless and caring for homeless.

Thanx to friends, we were taken in and housed until the insurance company found a place that would take us and our four inside cats.

I know many of my friends are thrilled with what we are doing. The moral support is nice, but it doesn’t help pay for food, litter, and vet visits.

I am grateful. I just wish I felt more ‘fulfilled’.

The world is crying for help! And here I am, feeding ‘free-loading’ critters!

Oh. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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